This is about my progress through the world of amateur radio. Contests, antenna builds, different experiments, successes and failures.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose…But it’s always a fun ride.

Here’s the current setup:

Home Station
Icom IC-7300 – 80/40/20/10/6 Fan Dipole
Elecraft KX3 / Mirage B-310-G 100 Watt 2m Amplifier – 5 Element 2m Yagi
Icom ID-5100a – Diamond X50A Antenna
Kenwood TK-981 – 6 Element Yagi
Raspberry Pi / DVMega D-Star Node

Mobile Station
Icom IC-7000
Chameleon V2L Antenna / Comet NCG SBB-2NMO 2m/70cm antenna

Elecraft KX3
Chameleon F-Loop Antenna or 53ft end fed


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