I finally got a good contact driving home from the airport…N5S, one of 2 special event stations for the final Shuttle Launch (STS-135).

N5S QSL CardI was actually pretty surprised they heard me.  I was just about to go under an overpass before getting on the freeway.  The light turned red, but I heard him respond to me.  The signal started fading, but he turned the antenna my direction and BAM, there I was in the middle of a QSO with N5S.

What a great contact to be made commemorating the final space shuttle launch.  Awesome!  Got a 5-5 signal report even.  Not bad for a 100 watt mobile station between Portland, Or and Las Cruces, New Mexico…well…relative to the luck I have been having lately.

I was getting pretty frustrated with my inability to make contacts, but this gave me a little hope.  Lots more to try!

I did send away for the certificate and can’t wait to get it.  I’ll post it once it arrives.

Back of N5S QSL

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  1. Ken Reply

    I made a short QSO with N5S on July 21, 2011 at UTC 0300, weak signal received and also fading, so I missed the part of “shuttle log”, and also no N5S QSL info can be found on QRZ.com, could you let me know about the N5S QSL info? Do they send QSL card? I prefer QSL card to certificate. Pls reply, thanks a lot! de Ken, VE3XBX

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