First DX contact!

I was messing around (yes, that’s what I do) with the 20 Meter wire dipole I strung up over the carport. I heard a station in Portland make a contact with a station in Austria. Seemed quick and easy. Next up was a station across the river in Vancouver, Wa where I live. I figured if they could do it, I could do it.

Once they finished their contact, I transmitted my call sign, and Max from Austria came right back to me with a 5/8 signal report. AWESOME! We just exchanged basic info. I wanted to keep it short so others could get in if they wanted.

I was pretty excited. 1st because I made my first DX Contact. 2nd because it was with my home-brew dipole that was whipped together just to try out.

If I end up with a QSL card, it’ll have a special spot on the wall.

Looking forward to more.


I received a eQSL Card and posted it.

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