Shout Out To Chameleon Antenna

A moment of silence…the hybrid mini is dead.

But wait! Carl at Chameleon Antenna to the rescue!

My CHA HYBRID-MINI from a tree and my heart sank. It didn’t look that bad since it didn’t fall very far and it landed in the grass, but I was still afraid of what might have broken. I picked it up and saw that the SO-239 had snapped off. This is what it looked like.


It looked like a clean break and everything else seemed intact as far as I could tell. I wondered if I would just reattach it or find another fitting to replace the broken one and salvage the whole thing. I had owned this for a couple years. No way I could get a “warranty” replacement…and I never expected to.

I decided to email Carl. He has always been awesome.

Quick recap: I had a lot of trouble getting my original Chameleon V2 antenna to tune properly. Nevermind I was as green as they come. Carl offered a lot of suggestions personally both through the forums and through email. He was even kind enough to send me a matching unit for no charge. I believe it was a prototype for his newly released CHA-Hybrid. Now that was a perfect example of caring for customers. I was impressed.

This led me to my decision of upgrading a little to the V2L and order a Hybrid-Mini for portable work. I had the V2L for a while and noticed a little rust on the set screw for the stainless steel whip on the upper portion. I shot him an email and I had a new one 4 days later. Same awesome service!

Fast forward: So, I sent Carl the email. I asked him for suggestions on what we can do…if anything. He replied in less than a day saying, “WOW! I’ve never seen that happen before. Send it in and we’ll fix it.” Wait, what? Just like that? Why was I surprised? He’s always been awesome.

Anyway, I followed up with him to make sure he received it. He replied that he did and was sending me a brand new one that day. 8 days after telling him what happened, I had a new one in my hand. Service doesn’t get any better than that!

I tested it out today and it works perfect. Thank you, Carl for standing behind your products and going all out to make sure customers are happy and stay happy.

I’m very interested in his CHA F-LOOP. My confidence in his products and especially his service will leave me no worry in making that purchase…If I can scrape the cash together.

Thanks again Carl! You do business the way it should be done.

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