First 33cm Contact

Just made my first contact on my new (to me) Kenwood TK-981 on the K5TRA system.

Well, I was asked what I wanted for Christmas and I saw the very popular Kenwood TK-981 commercial radio on eBay. This radio can be programmed easily to work on the 33cm ham band.

I ordered a Larsen ground plane antenna made specifically for this band and ran up some coax. It’s only about 15 ft off the ground, but I can hit a few good repeaters.

If this band proves to be fun in this area, I’ll do it right. Good thick coax and raise the antenna to about 30 ft.

Anyway, was just a good test and was surprised it all worked as expected on the first try.

Can’t wait until my buddy WB7TIM get’s his so we can do some simplex work.

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