75 Meter Graveyard Net – “The New 52”

It’s officially the unofficial graveyard net on 75 meters. Mostly it’s just our group of friends dorking out on HF but it’s awesome when people jump in and say hello. Here are a couple videos AE7QT did from 275 miles away.

This video was just a quick show and tell how I was getting into Eastern Washington…


This video was of KG7VLB and I trying to dial in my audio and how we sounded at AE7QT’s QTH…

We have decided that the official unofficial graveyard net frequency is 3.852 MHz…also known as “the new 52.”


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  1. W4DVE Post authorReply

    That was a fun night. Sorry you missed it. I think it’ll become more normal. Remember how we brought 52 to life? That’s the experiment with 3852.

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