Road To The Exam

It’s been about 20 years in the making, but I finally decided to take the test.

It all started because my friend and I used to play with CB’s when we were kids. Both of us had an antenna on the roof and a radio in our bedrooms.  Once I got my driver’s license, I installed the radio in my first vehicle, a 1983 Toyota 4×4. Still miss that truck…kinda. But, that’s another story.

At the time, I thought it would be cool to get a Ham radio because CB range…well…it sucks. I looked into it a few times every few years or so, but never went any further than buying a couple ARRL study guides like the Ham Radio License Manual with CD

Finally, I got serious.  I started reading, looked at my work schedule and looked for a test session.  The only one I could find that would work with my schedule was a 2 hour drive…and only 2 weeks away.  Since I decided I was going to take the Tech and General tests, I had to get busy.  I read both study guides, used HamTestOnline and took multiple practice exams. Two weeks later I drove to Eugene, Or for the test and I passed…missed 3 on the Tech (I don’t know why either) and 100% on the General.

Less than a week later I was issued my first call sign (KF7ONA) with General Class privileges.  Of course that call sign is too long (yeah yeah, whatever) and also, I wanted one that would be meaningful.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I like my whiskey.  Whiskey in the phonetic alphabet is ‘W’ and my name is Dave.  After searching for available call signs I applied for a vanity call sign from the FCC…W4DVE (Whiskey 4 DaVE). It’s predicted to be granted on April 2, 2011 by AE7Q’s website.

That’s pretty much the “Reader’s Digest” version of how I got into Ham Radio.


Update: I was granted W4DVE on 4/2/2011 as predicted.

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