Yagi And 222 Transverter Testing

I built a 1.25M yagi a while back and wanted to do a little testing. So, I hopped on the local 222 SSB net.

The transverter is made in the Ukraine and you can find them easily on eBay for $125 fully assembled and the yagi is a home build 6 element.

We have some really good nets in the area and everyone on┬áthem are…in a word…awesome. Great people participating and the net controllers are great. This one is no different. KK7N runs net control on at least 3 nets a week and always does a great job and is very accommodating. The people checking in are mostly regulars but they always seem eager to welcome new comers and help any way they can.

Tonight I needed to swing the beam around and get a feel for how directional it is and how well it was performing. They all took the time to give reports and I thank them.

Below are a couple videos. The 1st is one I did of the net and the 2nd was a surprise. My buddy, WB7TIM did a video to show me how well it was performing. Thanks!


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